The best way to improve math skills is to apply them in a fun, stimulating setting – just like the Pizzeria Pie!

In this dynamic environment that replicates a real pizzeria, kids can work with pattern sequence, fractions, measurement, number value and money calculations as they make and serve pizza. Use the electronic cash register to practice financial literacy skills by role playing:  restaurant workers create bills and restaurant customers pay for their pizza.

Be ready to ‘taste’ the best pizza of your life!

Play Prompts

  • Be seated at a table and ask your child to become your waiter/waitress!
  • Spin the Pizza Wheel and make a pizza using only the ingredients that you land on!
  • Stand at the host/hostess station and hand out menus to your customers as you seat them.
  • Are you a chef-wannabe? Grab an apron and start filling those pizza orders in our kitchen stocked with pretend pizza dough, cheese, sauce and lots of different toppings. You can almost smell the pizza cooking as you slide it into our old-fashioned brick oven!
  • Share your pizza with your friends or family and problem solve how many slices each person gets to share equally.