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Lights Out!

Light up your imagination in this playful exhibit for all ages

Step into a world of color and shadows with “Lights Out!”—an exhibit devoted to showing children the playful and mysterious ways that light works.

At the center of the exhibit is a unique interactive projection system, designed to let kids interact with light as they jump, dance, and move through a variety of rotating games projected onto the floor. Whether you want to race cars, walk on the moon, or explore the stars, there’s a game for everyone to enjoy.

As you move around the exhibit, you’ll also discover sensory items that play with light in creative ways. Children can run their hands over the mesmerizing marble wall and explore the different colors, sounds, and textures. A glowing bench and bubble lamp also light up the space.

Ways to Play

  1. Engage in a game on the interactive floor and see the magic of lights and colors.
  2. Sit on the glowing bench and observe the surrounding lights and shadows.
  3. What shapes can you see?
  4. Watch the mesmerizing bubble tube lamp and follow the flow of the bubbles.
  5. What colors can you spot?

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