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Life on the farm is a sensory-rich play opportunity for our youngest museum visitors!

ImaginAcre is a playful and interactive exhibit designed just for farmers under the age of 5!

This exhibit is set up like a miniature farm, complete with a farmhouse, a barn, and crops growing in fields.

Meet Milkshake and Gertrude Holstein, our two friendly cows, and help tend to the garden. Kids can also drive the tractor in the farmyard or slide down from the hayloft. ImaginAcres provides opportunities for role play and imagination while encouraging children to make connections between planting, harvesting, and eating food.

At ImaginAcres, there’s plenty of fun and learning to be had. Harvest vegetables from the garden and practice counting or sorting them by color, type, or size. Explore the tunnel and discover what’s hiding inside. Find out what foods animals like to eat, how they walk, and the sounds they make.

This exhibit is also home to our Family Sanctuary, where parents and children can take a break and relax on a comfy couch while surrounded by sensory-supporting items. It’s the perfect spot to recharge and take care of your child’s needs away from the activity of our exhibits.

Ways to Play

  1. Harvest vegetables from the garden and count your veggies.
  2. You can also sort them by color, type of vegetable, or size.
  3. What is your favorite vegetable growing in the garden?
  4. Play with shapes and colors at the light table–what new colors can you create?

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