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The Iowa Children’s Museum is a learning laboratory where kids can play, learn about the world around them, and create lasting memories.

Our exhibits are not only fun—they’re backed by overwhelming research that says playing is essential! Every time your child visits The ICM, they’re learning through the Power of Play.

Visitor Accommodations & Services

Keeping our space safe and family-friendly is important. To enter the museum, your group must include a child aged 12 or younger. Adults with developmental disabilities are also welcome to visit with a caregiver; please inform our staff upon arrival or call in advance if you have any questions.

Guests are welcome to use the elevator to reach the second floor of the museum. It is located near the front desk, across from the rainbow stairs.
Located in the ImaginAcres exhibit, the Family Sanctuary provides a private, quiet space for guests. This space can be used by those with sensory needs, nursing parents, or anyone in need of a break from the lively exhibits environment.

Due to potential allergies and mess, we do not allow food, coffee, or other beverages in the museum. We have a water fountain available by the art studio on the first floor. Water bottles with a secure lid and baby bottles are welcome.
Coral Ridge Mall has a wide selection of food and drink available for purchase just outside the museum.

We offer free admission and memberships to families in need as part of our ICM for Everyone accessibility programs. Click here to learn more.

We support nursing parents wherever they choose to feed or soothe their children within our space. If you prefer a more private location, the Family Sanctuary is available in our ImaginAcres exhibit, and a Nursing Room is available in the Coral Ridge Mall food court family restroom area.

Multilingual PLAYologists wear pins that indicate the language(s) they speak. They would love to chat with you! Click here to view translated versions of our outreach materials.

All restrooms have changing tables and are wheelchair-friendly. Accessible stalls are available in restrooms on the first floor.  Private, gender-neutral restrooms are available on the second floor, one of which has a size-inclusive changing table. A bathroom designed for our youngest guests is available inside the ImagineAcres exhibit.
Parking is available right outside our doors! Coral Ridge Mall has more than 5,000 free parking spaces, including many accessible spots.

The Iowa Children’s Museum is Sensory Inclusive™ certified. Visit our Sensory Inclusive™ page to learn more about the ways we support individuals with sensory needs.

Service animals and service animals-in-training are always welcome in The ICM, in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Animals such as “comfort animals” or “therapy animals” are not service animals as defined by the ADA and are therefore not allowed in our exhibits.
Stroller parking is available in the coatroom area, located on the first floor across from the City Money exhibit
The museum main entrances are wheelchair accessible with automatic operator buttons on the yellow doors and the majority of spaces within the museum are wheelchair accessible. If you are in need of a wheelchair, free rentals are provided at the Coral Ridge Mall Guest Welcome Center.
A drinking fountain with a water bottle refill station is located on the first floor, between the Art Studio and the Notion of Motion skateboarding exhibit.