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Take Flight

Fly high and explore careers in aviation!

Let your imagination take flight in this aviation-themed exhibit!

Take Flight explores the four forces of flight and introduces children to careers in the field of aviation.

Climb into a real Cessna 150, where kids can get a close-up look at the controls and talk to air traffic control over the radio. The exhibit also features immersive flight simulators, including one with in-flight snacks and real airplane seats. Other exciting features of the exhibit include a 2-story slide, our “amazing airways” system of pressurized tubes, a miniature city where little learners can bring a helicopter or rocketship in for a landing, a paper rocket launcher, and so much more.

Be sure to also check out our rocketship, where kids can learn about a day in the life of an astronaut. Whether your child is running experiments, taking a spacewalk, or just watching items float in “zero gravity” above their heads, this part of the Take Flight exhibit will inspire children to expand their horizons and look to the stars.

Ways to Play

  1. Create two different paper airplanes.
  2. Which one is more accurate?
  3. Which one flies farther?
  4. How high can you get your stomp rocket to soar?
  5. Run your luggage through the security checkpoint, then climb into the immersive flight simulator where you can act as the pilot, flight attendant, or passengers.

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