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Courtyard of Curiosity

From alligator to zucchini, the alphabet comes to life in the Courtyard of Curiosity

The Courtyard of Curiosity is an alphabet-themed exhibit inspired by the tradition of cabinets of curiosity.

Take a journey through the alphabet and explore the fascinating and quirky items that correspond with each letter. From aardvarks to zebras, children and families can discover books, games, and other interactive activities that bring each letter to life.

This exhibit features a miniature maze that lets you explore the twists and turns of a labyrinth and a collection of unique and intriguing objects that spark your imagination. There are also plenty of hands-on activities that encourage problem-solving and creative thinking, such as puzzles and building blocks.

Ways to Play

  1. Can you do all the yoga poses for each letter?
  2. Look up at the ceiling!
  3. What can you discover?
  4. Make a funny face in the photo booth!

This exhibit initiates

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