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City Grocery

Create a playful learning experience for little shoppers as you explore a miniature grocery store

Step into a child-sized grocery store and explore an environment that mimics the real thing.

In City Grocery, kids can shop for a variety of food products, from fresh produce to canned goods, and even practice restocking the shelves. The working scanners and cash registers allow children to practice math skills such as sorting, classifying, and making change.

The grocery store is one of our most-loved exhibits, and it’s a great space for caregivers and children to play together! But did you know that it’s also a learning laboratory? As children choose items from the shelves, they develop their ability to identify objects based on color, size, shape, and category. Pushing a cart through the aisles helps build gross motor skills, while the cash register allows kids to apply math skills to real-world situations. City Grocery is also a great place to introduce children to concepts related to health and nutrition.

Kids can play different roles in the grocery store, such as clerk, grocery stocker, or customer, and push around kid-sized carts while shopping for nutritious foods. This bustling exhibit is a must-visit for young learners.

Ways to Play

  1. Set a budget for your child to buy groceries to make lunch or dinner.
  2. Don’t want to spend all of your time restocking? Encourage your child to shop their age. For example, if your son is 6 he can buy six items before checking out.
  3. What’s for dinner? Decide on a family meal and shop for the ingredients. How much of each item will you need to feed your family?

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