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Pizzeria Pie

Step into the kitchen and slice up some fun in this interactive pizzeria exhibit!

You don’t need a calculator to add up the fun at Pizzeria Pie!

In this interactive exhibit, children can role-play as chefs, customers, and waiters in a lively pizzeria. From creating and serving pizza to using an electronic cash register, kids in this exhibit practice important skills like pattern sequencing, measurement, number value, and financial literacy.

With pretend pizza dough, cheese, sauce, and a variety of toppings, kids can get creative and make their own delicious pizzas. Once they have created a perfect pizza, they can experiment with fractions as they divide it into equal slices to share with friends and family.

Kids can also step up to the host stand to greet customers, hand out menus, and seat them at a table. After they’ve taken down the orders, they can head back to the kitchen and slide their creations into the old-fashioned brick oven.

Ways to Play

  1. Create a meat-lover’s pizza or a veggie-lover’s pizza.
  2. Spin the Pizza Wheel and make a pizza using only the ingredients that you land on!
  3. Create a pizza and calculate how much it would cost.
  4. Ring it up and find out if you were right.
  5. Divide a pizza into equal slices and see how many each member of your group gets.

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