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City Music

Explore the world of sound and discover the joy of music

With a variety of instruments to choose from–including drums, boomwackers, a piano, gongs, xylophones, and more–children can experiment with sound and discover the magic of music.

At City Music, kids can strike the drums, pluck the strings of wooden instruments, and even use flip-flops to play the PVC pipe organ. Along the way, children will explore their musical voice and express themselves in fun and creative ways.

Playing with musical instruments has been proven to have numerous benefits for children. In addition to being a fun form of expression, it can also speed up the development of speech and reading skills, help train children to focus their attention, and promote empathy for others.

Ways to Play

  1. Perform a song, dance, or scene on Sora’s Stage.
  2. Find two different Boomwackers that create a chord
  3. How many different instruments can you find in City Music?
  4. What are they?

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