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Post Office

Become a mail carrier for the day as you practice sorting, delivering, and communicating in CityWorks Post Office

Located in the busy center of CityWorks, the Post Office exhibit introduces children to the behind-the-scenes work that brings letters and packages to their homes each day. Young learners will have a blast sorting letters and delivering packages throughout our miniature city.

Children can put on a postal carrier uniform, pick up and sort letters, and deliver them to different stations in CityWorks. Through this play, they are practicing skills like problem-solving and the foundations of math principles like sorting and patterns. They can also work behind the desk, helping customers weigh and send packages and answering questions, practicing their communication skills as they take on different roles and responsibilities.

At the Post Office exhibit, children also have the opportunity to learn about teamwork, organization, and responsibility in a fun and engaging way. By delivering mail to different parts of CityWorks, they will see how different parts of our community work together and depend on each other.

Ways to Play

  1. Can you sort the mail by size?
  2. Pretend to be a postal worker and go on a mail delivery route, making sure each letter or package is delivered to the correct location.
  3. Practice your measuring skills with the package scale.

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