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Pete the turtle here!

I live at The Iowa Children’s Museum, which is great because it’s my favorite place in the whole world!

They call me the “aquatic ambassador” of the museum. I didn’t know what that meant at first, but then I asked! An ambassador is like a special messenger that welcomes new friends and helps explain how things work.

I get to go to museum events, help make videos, and talk to different people as someone who is from the museum. The aquatic part is because I mostly live in water (when I’m not exploring).

I got my name and fantastic looks from a special friend of mine, Peter, a western-painted tutle!

Peter is actually a girl turtle  (it can be hard to tell boy turtles from girl turtles when they are little).

She has been with the museum for a long time and is over 20 years old! You may have met Peter near the entrance of the museum.

Peter loves to swim, follow friends who come up to her tank, and is always on the lookout for more food.

I’ll see you at the museum!