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Think Tank Gift Shop

Take a part of the museum home with you at the Think Tank gift shop!

Located next to the museum’s front lobby, Think Tank offers an exciting selection of museum souvenirs and toys that are inspired by the exhibits your child loves. With a diverse range of items, the Think Tank is the perfect place to find a fun, educational toy to extend the museum experience beyond your visit.

Toys for Hands-On Play

Our curated selection of items features toys that reflect the imaginative and interactive nature of our exhibits.

Discover hands-on play items, including slime for molding and stretching, play food for imaginative cooking adventures, and a wide selection of games. We also offer fidget and sensory toys to keep little hands busy and minds focused. Whether your child is interested in science, art, pretend play, or just loves exploring, you can find something that sparks curiosity and creativity!

Support the Power of Play

When you visit Think Tank, you support The Iowa Children’s Museum and provide your child with a meaningful connection to their museum experience. Every purchase made at our gift shop directly contributes to the museum’s ongoing mission of inspiring every child to imagine, create, discover, and explore through the Power of Play.

Visit the Iowa Children museum

If you believe play is a universal right, join our mission to inspire a new generation of learners and provide valuable play opportunities to children in our community.