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City Money

Build financial literacy skills as you play with earning, spending, saving and giving

Learn the ins and outs of financial literacy in our City Money exhibit!

Designed to explain financial literacy in a way that makes sense to young learners, this exhibit is an engaging way to explore the concepts of earning, spending, saving, and giving money.

With interactive places to play, including a drive-thru window and teller station, kids can put their math skills to work and become money smart in the process. Spending games, coin counting, and a penny pillar all provide sensory experiences for littles and opportunities to learn for bigger kids. City Money is also a space for children to practice real-world skills and familiarize themselves with the experience of visiting a bank or credit union, building confidence and knowledge about the world around them.

With role-play activities and hands-on learning, playing in City Money helps kids develop financial literacy skills while having fun. This exhibit also encourages financial responsibility, making it a great way to teach children about the importance of managing money. Generously sponsored by GreenState Credit Union.


Exhibit Sponsor

Ways to Play

  1. Take on the role of a banker and help a customer make a deposit or withdrawal.
  2. Estimate how many pennies it took to decorate the City Money exhibit.
  3. Explore the difference between wants and needs.
  4. Brainstorm ways to earn money and talk about the importance of saving for the future.

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