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Block Party

Build a bright future brick by brick as you design, create, and play with Lego

Design and build structures with thousands of colorful Lego bricks!

From cars to buildings, cities to spacecrafts, there’s no limit to what you can create in this exhibit.

The classic Lego brick has been a favorite among kids and adults for generations because of its open-ended possibilities and unlimited creativity. Playing with Lego bricks helps develop fine motor skills and improves sorting skills, as well as teaching kids to think in three dimensions and to be creative problem-solvers. Children of all ages can collaborate and hone teamwork skills while they build and play with Lego.

In addition to the fun factor, Lego play is also an important tool for child development. The vibrant pieces and easy-to-assemble combinations offer young children opportunities to practice patterning and fine-motor skills. Looking through pieces to find the right one helps develop sorting skills that are an important part of kindergarten math curriculum. Additionally, Lego play helps children of all ages improve their creativity and problem-solving.

Ways to Play

  1. Try to build something taller than one foot.
  2. Design a house with enough bedrooms for each family member.
  3. Get inspired and create a public sculpture that represents the concept of play.

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