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City Orchard

Sorting, selling, and counting fun is always in season in this apple orchard

Pick some apples with us at the City Orchard!

Our apple trees are filled with red, green, and yellow apples just waiting to be harvested. After you’ve gathered your apples, you can sell them at the apple cart or use them to practice sorting by color or shape. But that’s not all you’ll find at the orchard—our beehive is buzzing with activity as the bees help to pollinate the fruit trees. Watch them fly overhead and see what all the buzz is about!

Did you know that fruit trees and bees depend on each other? Bees pollinate the flowers on the fruit trees, helping them to produce fruit. And when the fruit trees produce fruit, they provide food for the bees. It’s just one example of how plants and animals in our ecosystem work together to support each other. Come explore the City Orchard and learn about the amazing interdependence of nature!

Ways to Play

  1. Sort apples by color or by the shape imprinted on each apple.
  2. Sell your fresh-picked apples down at the Farmers Market.
  3. Count how many bees you can spot in the hive.

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