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Farmers Market

Fresh fun and playful produce make our farmers market a great way to explore the farm-to-table process

Come explore a world of farm-to-table fun, where fresh produce and hands-on learning is always in season. The Farmers Market exhibit has a food truck (serving slices from Pizzeria Pie), three happy hens, a smoothie station, and plenty of fresh produce for sale.

The Farmers Market provides young learners with an immersive experience that teaches them about healthy eating habits and the farm-to-table process. Much like the grocery store exhibit, kids will have the opportunity to develop their math skills as they calculate the cost of produce they’re buying and use money to purchase items.

The Farmers Market is also a great place to introduce important concepts around the origins of the food we eat. By interacting with produce that is “locally grown” in our Imaginacres farm exhibit and the City Orchard exhibit, children can learn more about the process of growing and harvesting fresh produce and learn where the food on their plates comes from.

Ways to Play

  1. Encourage your child to plan a snack using the fresh produce for sale.
  2. Help your child practice their math skills by having them calculate the cost of different items at the market.
  3. Shop for items in one of the smoothie recipe cards, then serve the drinks to Farmers Market patrons.
  4. Can you find the miniature farm created with Lego?

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