CityWorks Children’s Hospital gives young learners the opportunity to explore medical situations and environments in a safe and friendly setting.

Role play in the hospital exhibit helps demystify the equipment and procedures used by medical workers by showing medical professionals as people who care about us and help us heal.

Kids learn all about STEM careers as they explore the Ambulance, Research Lab, Child Life Department, Exam Room, Imaging Center, Rehabilitation Therapies, Pediatrics, and Dental Clinic.


CityWorks Children’s Hospital is supported by our generous sponsor,
University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital.

Play Prompts

  • Climb into the ambulance to make an emergency call! Find out what happens when someone calls 911, and follow the steps with your patient.
  • Learn the difference between physical therapy and occupational therapy. Can you complete all the exercises in the therapy area?
  • Rock a newborn baby in the pediatric department and learn how to dress and feed a baby. Do you know the ABC’s of safe sleep?
  • You fell and bumped your head!   It’s off to the imaging center to take a picture of the injury.
  • Do you know how much sugar is in your favorite drink? Try your hand at our Sugar Sort game to see if you can match the beverages to the correct amount of sugar.
  • You’ll find lab coats and scrubs to try out all the medical careers! Don’t forget your hospital ID lanyard, which also describes how each professional interacts with patients.
  • Child Life Specialists help patients in all the departments. Explore their tools and strategies that help calm children that are undergoing medical procedures.

This exhibit initiates:

Healthy Kids