CityWorks Children’s Hospital gives young learners the opportunity to explore medical situations and environments in a safe and friendly setting.

Role play in the hospital exhibit helps demystify the equipment and procedures used by medical workers by showing medical professionals as people who care about us and help us heal.

Kids learn all about how important it is to have healthy bodies in the Ambulance, Admissions Area, Exam Room, X-ray Lab, Ronald McDonald Dollhouse, Nursery, and Dental Clinic!


CityWorks Children’s Hospital is supported by our generous sponsor,
University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital.

Play Prompts

  • Climb into the ambulance to make an emergency call! Learn ways you can stabilize a patient as you transport them to City Hospital.
  • Work at the hospital admissions desk to check in patients and fill out their medical charts!.
  • Rock a newborn baby in the nursery and learn how to dress, feed, and bathe a baby.
  • You’ve got a broken bone!   It’s off to the x-ray lab to take a picture of the injury.
  • It’s a dental emergency! Our resident, Mr. Teeth, needs you to brush and floss his really big teeth.
  • You’ll find lab coats for both adults and children to help you get involved. Your kids will love it when you play the patient and they get to be the doctor!

This exhibit initiates:

Healthy Kids