Kids of all ages experience the thrill of balls rolling, looping and racing down ramps and through tunnels while constructing concepts related to the physics of motion!  As guests build racecars, tracks and mazes, they challenge and build upon their scientific understandings of how things move.

This exhibit is based on the principle of motion experiments of Newton and Galileo. Who knew that physicists could have so much fun!

Play Prompts

  • Build a race car along with your friend and race each other down the 32′ ICM Speedway!
  • Build a track that takes a golf ball from the top of Rollways to the bottom and challenge your child to change the track so that the ball takes longer to reach the bottom!
  • Have your group gather twenty golf balls to roll down the Roller Coaster.  But before you let the balls go, ask each person to predict how many of the balls will reach the target red box. After all the balls are released, count how many made it to the target.
  • Test the force of gravity by scaling the climbing wall!
  • Do heavy things really fall to the ground faster than light things?  Test this belief by finding a person lighter than you and race down the dual slide side by side.

This exhibit initiates:

Healthy Kids
School Readiness
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