In ImaginAcres, young children ages birth to five will find a variety of developmentally appropriate experiences created just for them. The exhibit is devoted to role play in a typical Iowa farm environment, complete with our cow “Milkshake”, a garden, farmhouse kitchen, and a tractor to drive. ImaginAcres blends familiar and unusual elements to create an imaginary world rich in possibilities.

This exhibit is designed to help children make connections between planting, harvesting, and eating food.

You’ll also find a Family Sanctuary with comfy couch, soft toys, and a microwave.  The Family Sanctuary provides a quiet room where parents can spend time taking care of their child’s needs away from the activity of the exhibit area.

Play Prompts

  • Harvest vegetables from the garden and count your veggies.  You could also sort them by color, type of vegetable, or size.
  • A tunnel and elevated track through the pretend Iowa landscape are provided to give your child a safe opportunity to explore beyond their caretaker’s reach.
  • Slide out of the barn on an 8′ bumpy slide!
  • Dress up in animal costumes and let your imagination soar!