Blue Room

The Blue Room exhibit is filled to the brim with Imagination Playground Blocks!

This innovative playground equipment is a play space that encourages learning, social development, movement, and above all fun!

Using Imagination Playground blocks, kids build a new world every day. They make objects like animals, rocket ships, and robots. They make imaginary places like houses, factories, and cities. They make new dramatic scenarios, settings, and games to play. Most important, they make the rules. Because Imagination Playground is child-directed and open-ended, it encourages self-expression through deep, joyful play.

Imagination Playground contains a wide variety of loose parts, including cubes, bricks, cogs, curves, and cylinders. But the parts are not simply loose. They have holes and shapes that fit together in ways that allow a child’s ideas to become reality. A pair of blocks becomes a wall. A wall becomes a room. A room becomes a house.

Play Prompts

  • Create a structure that all of you can fit inside of.
  • Create a structure using at least one of each type of building block.
  • Build a ramp and track for the balls.
  • Design something with a moving part.
  • Build the tallest structure you can using only ten blocks.

This exhibit initiates:

Healthy Kids

School Readiness