All Aboard!

Climb on board and explore the Corridor as three model train systems ride the rails through a spectacular replica of the community teaching children of all ages about the important role that trains play in moving Iowa freight and people!

Watch the Iowa Northern Railway Hawkeye Express carrying Hawkeye fans back and forth from the passenger platform to Kinnick Stadium!  Iowa Interstate Railroad will take you through the cities of Coralville and Iowa City then travel into the rural areas of Johnson County…winding through the farmland in our Imaginacres exhibit!  Observe how CRANDIC delivers product to the ADM Factory in Cedar Rapids!

Kids can even build their own trains and rail systems as they explore the transportation world of trains!

Play Prompts

  • Ask your child to count how many cars are on each model train.  Once you begin counting, you can count dozens of exhibit components.  How many people are waiting for the Hawkeye Express?
  • Find the Train Road Crossing and talk with your child about train safety both on foot and when riding in a car or bicycle.
  • Play I Spy with the train landscape.  What do you see or recognize?  Can you find two pink cars?  Do you see a truck loaded with scrap metal?

This exhibit initiates:

School Readiness