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Celebrate Your Day

The Iowa Children’s Museum birthday parties are loads of fun for kids and a piece of cake for adults!

Enjoy your choice of themed party which always includes:

  • 2 hours of birthday fun in The Iowa Children’s Museum
  • A private party room
  • ICM Party Pal (specially trained PLAYologist to make your party a huge success!)
  • 10 free kids and 4 free adults
  • Birthday cake & drinks
  • Colorful paper products to match your party theme
  • Exciting adventures related to your party theme
  • Supervised playtime in our exhibits
  • Special birthday t-shirt for birthday child
  • Party bags for each child (each bag includes a FREE child admission pass)
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Basic Birthday Bash

$145+ Select Options

Themed Birthday Party

$175+ Select Options

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Why should I choose The Iowa Children’s Museum for my child’s birthday party?

The Iowa Children’s Museum has been voted #1 for Best Birthday Party by the Press Citizen for 6 years in a row!  Your child will not only have private time with their friends to enjoy cake and opening gifts, but they will also enjoy active play in our exhibits.

What are the themes offered for your Themed Birthday Parties?

Enchanted Adventure
Become royalty for the day! Dress the part in our royal costumes for an enchanted adventure throughout the museum. Each prince or princess decorates a crown and receives a wand or sword to take home.
Wacky Wizardry 
Abracadabra! Cast a fun spell over your special day during our wizard themed party. Create a work of art with invisible ink, a magic potion, and a wand to take home.
Zoom! Party
Planes, trains, and automobiles! This party is perfect for any kid who loves things that go. Guests receive transportation themed hats, participate in a craft and enjoy time to play in our Take Flight, Notion of Motion, and All Aboard exhibits.
Swashbuckling Pirate Party
Ahoy pirates! Join us on a scavenger hunt that leads party guests to treasure and fun. Guests get to decorate a mini treasure chest and wear a take home pirate hat. This pirate themed day is perfect for any birthday child.
Jurassic Jamboree
Discover your inner paleontologist! Party guests uncover fossils and go on a dinosaur scavenger hunt during this prehistoric party. Start the party by breaking open a dinosaur egg and creating your own fossil.
Grossology Party
Get ready to get messy! This science party explores all things gooey, slimy, and gross. Each child gets a pair of goggles for the gross experiments. Make slimy snot and watch a truly gross science demonstration. Great for older children or those who just want to get messy.

What do I need to do as the party host?

Most of the party details will be taken care of by your ICM Party Pal.  The only thing for you to do is to send out invitations, provide us with a close estimate of guests before your party, and arrive with your child ready to have fun!  We will take care of the set-upclean-up, and everything in between.

How long do the kids get to play in the museum?

Each birthday party lasts 2 hours.  During that time, your guests will get 45-60 minutes of play depending on your party theme.  If guests would like to stay and play after the party, they must pay daily admission at the front desk.

Can we bring food and/or drinks into the museum for the party?

Yes!  You may bring in or have food delivered to the museum for your party.  Unfortunately, we are unable to provide refrigerator space.  We will provide lemonade and water for your party. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the museum.

How early should we arrive for the party?

Your party room will be available at your scheduled arrival time.  Early arrivals will be asked to wait in the museum lobby until your room is ready.

Can we rent the room for longer than the 2 hour party?

No, The Iowa Children’s Museum schedules birthday parties back to back with a brief amount of time in between to prepare for the next party.

What is The Iowa Children’s Museum rescheduling policy?

Parties may be rescheduled as long as the new date is scheduled 2 weeks out.

What is The Iowa Children’s Museum cancellation policy?

A cancellation notice is required within a minimum of 3 weeks from the party date.  Parties that have been cancelled 3 weeks prior to the event will receive a refund of 50% of base price paid.  Parties that have been cancelled with less than 3 weeks notice will not receive a refund.

What is the typical party schedule?

Arrival: Your private party room will be available for you and your party guests at your scheduled arrival time.  Early arrivals will be asked to wait in the museum lobby until your party room is ready.  Once in your room, your ICM Party Pal will lead the guests in a fun activity while you wait for everyone to arrive.

Play: Once all party guests have arrived, your ICM Party Pal will lead your group to play in your birthday child’s favorite exhibits or take part in a museum-wide scavenger hunt.

Food and Gifts: After active play, your guests will move back to your private party room to enjoy birthday cake and open gifts (if applicable).

Departure: At your scheduled departure time, your ICM Party Pal will hand out party bags, which include free museum admission passes, and then lead child guests to the museum lobby to be picked-up by their parents or caregivers.


Can I invite more than the 10 free kids and 4 free adults?

Yes! 10 kids and 4 adults will be free.  Each child and adult over the age of 14 will be an additional cost. The maximum capacity of our party rooms is 30 people.

Can adults substitute for the free kid spots included with the package?

Yes.  Adults may substitute for any of the 10 free kid spots included with the party package.  In order to keep a 1:5 adult to child ratio, kids are not allowed to substitute for any of the 4 free adult spots included with the party package.

What if my child is younger or older than the recommended age for the themed party I choose?

The ages in the party descriptions are the developmental levels the party has been designed for.  If you feel your child would enjoy a certain party and they are not in the age bracket, let us know and we can adjust the party to fit the needs of your child as best as we can.  Please note that this may include changing the timing of activities.  Typically we are unable to add any activities that are not already part of the package.


When is my final balance due?

We require the party’s base price (example: Basic Birthday Bash $145) to be paid at the time of booking.  If more than the 14 free guests attend your party, we ask for the remaining balance to be paid immediately following your party before you leave the museum.

Can hosts or guests use an ICM membership for entrance into the birthday party?

No.  ICM birthday parties include special activities that you would not experience during an everyday visit to the museum (cake, private party room, supplies, Party Pal).  Members receive a 10% discount on the total cost of the party.

Can siblings and/or adults attend and not be considered part of the party?

Your ICM Party Pal will count ALL children and adults that attended your party, whether they participate in activities or not.

Additional Guest Fees:

  • Guests ages 1-15= $14.50 for Basic Birthday Bash, $17.50 for Themed Parties
  • Guests ages 16+= $5 each
  • Guests under age 1= FREE!

Why do we pay for additional adults?

At The Iowa Children’s Museum, we encourage adults to be involved in the birthday celebration.  Adults can enjoy the cake and beverages that are provided and play in the exhibits with their kids.  All of the adults in your party group contribute to making this a special day for your birthday child.

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Still have questions? Contact Aimee at parties@theicm.org or call 319.625.6255 x216.