City Money

Learn how money works in our financial literacy exhibit exploring the concepts of earning, spending, saving, and giving money in a context that makes sense to young learners.

A car and drive-thru window, ATM machine, and interactive money games make learning money educational and fun!  Playing in City Money challenges kids to practice basic math skills to become money smart!

Playing in this exhibit helps today’s children become the money smart leaders of tomorrow!


City Money is supported by our generous sponsor,
GreenState Credit Union

Play Prompts

  • Use the bank’s touch-screen ATM to learn about deposits and withdrawals, and how adults manage their bank accounts using technology.
  • At the banker’s desk, children can role-play a banking career using a pretend computer, phone, and more.
  • Play Drive-Thru Window where your children can be the bank teller or the customer to exchange pretend money.
  • Explore Cravings & Savings where a spin of the wheel directs children to add their savings or give into their cravings in a fun activity that demonstrates how regular savings habits can quickly pay off.