Play Pack: Once Upon a Box


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Once Upon a Box

This story starts with YOU! In our newest Play Pack, little learners will create their very own storytelling friend. Box Buddy introduces the basics of fairy tales and fables by encouraging children to tell stories about their own lives. In this adventure, kids learn that a box isn’t just a box and their story is worth telling!

This Play Pack is designed for 3, 4, and 5-year-olds to introduce concepts related to vocabulary, sentence structure, and storytelling. Through games and activities, your child will build their language and communication skills and engage in early reading experiences. Grown-up assistance is required for this storytelling adventure.


  • Make Your Box Buddy: Create a storytelling partner by bringing your Box Buddy to life
  • Spin Your Own Tale: Gathering everyday objects can be a catalyst for storytelling
  • Tell Me About It: Practice describing things with your own mystery box
  • Storytelling 101: Explore different methods for creating stories and share them with your Box Buddy

Receive all four storytelling activities as well as bonus content for just $25 thanks to support from GEICO Cares!

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