Health and Safety

Our priority will always be to protect the health of guests and staff. We take steps each day to help The ICM remain a healthy, welcoming environment for everyone. Thank you for supporting these efforts and creating a culture of caring for everyone in our space.

We Care for You:

  • High-touch areas are sanitized multiple times throughout the day
  • A thorough, museum-wide sanitizing process is carried out regularly.
  • Virus-mitigating air purifiers have been installed in our HVAC system along with other health and safety infrastructure investments.
  • We are monitoring museum capacity to encourage social distancing.
  • We continually monitor our processes in order to make adjustments as needed.

You Care for Us and Each Other:

  • Come play at The ICM only when you are healthy!
  • Use the touchless hand sanitizing stations available throughout the museum and wash your hands frequently.

We continue to work with local health experts and community leaders to guide and inform how we operate during the COVID-19 pandemic.  If you would like any clarification about our current policies, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to purchase tickets online?

We are no longer offering advance tickets online.

What are the busiest times to come play?

While museum attendance varies from day to day, our exhibits are typically busiest on weekends and in the morning. Days with inclement weather and weekend mornings are usually the busiest.

If you prefer to come play when there are less guests in the museum, we recommend coming on a weekday or later in the afternoon.

Is The ICM limiting capacity?

We monitor capacity within the museum on busy days. We reserve the right to put non-members on a waitlist when necessary.

What cleaning and sanitizing procedures are you carrying out?

We sanitize high-touch areas (door handles, railings, light switches, etc.) throughout the day. We regularly conduct a thorough, museum-wide sanitizing of exhibit surfaces, toys and other props.

Are masks required?

We do not require masks for museum admission at this time. The ICM is a mask-friendly environment and we encourage everyone in our space to follow masking procedures that are best for their health and safety.