Explore the Outdoors with Nature Play

Join us throughout the summer to play in nature and learn about the world around us. All Nature Play programs are free!

Winter Ready!

2:00-3:30pm, October 24, 2021 • Kent Park at the Whippoorwill Shelter

Bundle up and discover how earth gets ready for colder weather! In our last Nature Play event of the year, we’ll discover how animals and plants adapt to colder temperatures. Ready or not, winter is coming!
Free for all attendees. No registration required.
Bonus: Explore On Your Own!

In addition to our 2021 in-person events, we also have adventure plans you can print and use any time! Download them below, then go outside and explore!



Adventure: Backyard Naturalist

Have you ever found yourself watching a bird or noticing how beautiful a flower is? This appreciation and curiosity towards nature is the first step to becoming a Backyard Naturalist. Create a journal, start your research and earn a Backyard Naturalist button during this Nature Play!

Download the Adventure Plans

Adventure: Outdoor Explorer

Are you ready for another outdoor adventure? This Nature Play introduces some very basic compass and map reading skills to help guide you along the Lake Trail Loop at Kent Park (no prior Explorer experience necessary!). Print off or pick up your Nature Play Adventure Plan, prep your supplies and head to the park. Your next adventure is waiting!

Location: Lake Trail Loop at F.W. Kent Park (2048 Hwy 6 NW Oxford, Iowa 52322)

Download the Adventure Plan

Adventure: Fall Time Follies

The weather is cooler, but it’s still a fabulous time to play outdoors! For this Nature Play, adventurers will use recycled materials and bits of nature they find on the ground to create a fall time friend. Download your map and adventure plans below. Happy exploring!

Location: Lake Trail Loop at F.W. Kent Park (2048 Hwy 6 NW Oxford, Iowa 52322)

Download Adventure Plans