Coral Cove

Pretend play is one of the ways that children process and make sense of their world. In Coral Cove, this means walking the plank on a pirate’s ship, exploring the twists and turns of a fort and reading stories inside a yurt.

Whimsical scenery, secret passages, and costumes inspire children of all ages to turn their imaginations loose! You’ll never be disappointed with the results!

Play Prompts

  • Costumes of all types and sizes will help you transform into the character you dream about!
  • Find the pirate, parrots, and hidden treasure maps
  • Explore secret passages and climb to the top of the pirate’s fort
  • Have your child reenact their favorite story, scene or song.
  • This wide-open exhibit area is perfect for singing, dancing and frolicking. The possibilities are limited only by the imagination!