PlayWorks Theater

Pretend play is one of the ways that children process and make sense of their world. Acting gives them opportunities to try on adult roles, new situations, express their feelings, and tell their own stories about the world around them.

Whimsical scenery, costumes, and props inspire children of all ages to act it out!  Turn your imaginations loose! You’ll never be disappointed with the results!

Our best advice to adults is to relax and be a kid again. You’ll love how much fun you’ll have!

Play Prompts

  • Costumes of all types and sizes will help you transform into the character you dream about!
  • Act it out! Don’t forget to take a bow for your spectacular performance!
  • This wide-open exhibit area is perfect for singing, dancing and frolicking. The possibilities are limited only by the imagination!
  • Have your child reenact their favorite story, scene or song.

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This exhibit initiates:

Healthy Kids
School Readiness
Arts & Culture