Music is a natural way for all children to express themselves and a great way to explore how sound works. African drums, PVC pipe instruments that are played with flip-flops, a piano, string instruments and more makes investigating sound super fun! Sora’s Stage is filled with tutus, capes, and music makers for little ones to ham it up!

A wealth of scientific research over the last decade is proving that music education is a powerful tool for attaining children’s full intellectual, social, and creative potential.

  • It speeds the development of speech and reading skills.
  • It trains children to focus their attention for sustained periods.
  • It helps children gain a sense of empathy for others.

So surround yourself with the sound of music and have fun playing to learn!

Play Prompts

  • Pluck the strings on the wooden string instrument and observe how sounds are caused by vibrations.
  • Find two different Boomwackers  to create a chord!
  • Perform on Sora’s Stage to express yourself!
  • Observe how the piano’s inner workings move when you strike a key to hear music.  Ask your child how they think the sound is created.