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“AB…See Iowa!” is a community based literacy project featuring an online photo exhibition on The Iowa Children’s Museum website.  “AB…See Iowa!” consists of a collection of photographs of the letters of the alphabet as they appear naturally in the world around us.

You can add your own photo to “AB…See Iowa!”   

Use a digital camera and explore Iowa with your friends and family to photograph the alphabet in unusual places.  For example, you might find the letter “H” in a bridge crossing the Iowa River or the letter “F” might be found in a flag waving at the top of the Old Capitol.

Just imagine how much fun you and your family will have exploring the community in search of the alphabet!  

Top that excitement off by submitting your photograph to be posted on The Iowa Children’s Museum website!  Photos can be submitted by emailing Laura at lbandfield@theicm.org.

Play Prompts

  • Ask your child to pick the first letter of their name and search the natural environment for something that looks like that letter.  Be sure to let your child be the photographer practicing until he/she gets the photo image they want.
  • Photograph the entire alphabet and create your own book of the photos.  Your child could write words or phrases that go along with each letter of the alphabet.
  • Turn your photos into postcards and send them to a friend encouraging your child to write a note about the special alphabet photo.

This exhibit initiates:

Arts & Culture
School Readiness
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