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PLAYologists are the front line staff at The Iowa Children’s Museum and provide the primary staff interaction with families and museum exhibits and programs.

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Guest Welcome Center Specialist

At the Guest Welcome Center in Coral Ridge Mall, our GWC Specialists engage with and assist mall visitors, promote local and museum events, and share information about the museum, mall, and Coralville.

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Aimee Mussman

Assistant Director

Amanda Thys

Director of Marketing & Communications

Amber Morris

Education Program Manager

Barb Murphy


Gretchen Kemple-Taylor

Director of PLAYology

Director of Development

Jeff Capps

Executive Director

Kelly Moore

Director of Exhibits

Michael Dorsey

Director of Operations


Aquatic Ambassador

Rebekah Domayer

Education Program Manager

Will Kemple-Taylor

Exhibit/Design Manager

At The Iowa Children’s Museum we love to play!  Our PLAYologists all participate in a self-reflection exercise and think about how they play while on the floor of the museum. Are they silly, curious, boisterous, creative, focused…? Once they have thought about their play style, our PLAYologists create their Play Alter Ego.  This is a character (with costumes, accessories and an awesome name) that represents how they play.  The staff will wear a button of their Play Alter Ego to spark questions and playful interactions while on the floor.  Ask us about them next time you come play!

Alexa aka Princess of the Kingdom of Fun

Managing PLAYologist

Alexis AKA Tanosh the Fun Hunter

Managing PLAYologist

Jaeden Conductor of Musical Endeavors

Managing PLAYologist

Jenni aka The Pastry Making Pirate

Managing PLAYologist

Terra aka Terra-dactyl the Playasaur

Managing PLAYologist

Chloe aka The Cheerful Craft Creator!


Fareeha aka The Jumping Jelly Bean!


Fatima AKA Flying Freddy


Helen AKA the Mellow Mermaid




Kara AKA Princess Forthright

Gift Shop Purchaser

Kate The Clever Captain of the S.S. Adventure


Lilly the Laughing Lily


Maya aka The Magician of Imagination!



Guest Experience Specialist

Sara aka The Doctor of Discovery