Community Partners

Can Do

Can Do

The Iowa City A.M. Rotary and Iowa Valley Habitat for Humanity have teamed up to create the CAN DO project to raise funds for local non-profit projects that improve the quality of life in our community. You can donate your cans and bottles at City Carton, Eastside Recycling Center, and the Can Shed.

Please help support dozens of local non-profit organizations, 

including The Iowa Children’s Museum, by donating your redeemable cans and plastic bottles to the CAN DO project!

Be sure to look for the CAN DO Community Projects signs when you drop off your donation of cans and bottles! At the Can Shed, indicate that you want to donate your money to Iowa City A.M. Rotary. Please consider donating your cans and bottles – every can makes a difference.

The Iowa Children’s Museum gives a huge thank you to Iowa City A.M. Rotary for their grant support of our ABC Literacy Exhibit Project this year!

The Crisis Center

The Crisis Center’s vision is that every individual in Johnson County, Iowa, has support in a time of need. What is a crisis? When a situation, emotion or stress has become too great to cope alone. Through our dedicated corps of volunteers, emotional and material assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Crisis Center is the only CONTACT USA accredited agency in Iowa, also holds accreditation from the American Association of Suicidology, is a member of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline network and was the eighth agency in the nation to join the Crisis Chat portal.

Get Ready Iowa

Get Ready Iowa

Get Ready Iowa is a school-readiness initiative between the DeLTA Center at the University of Iowa and community partners that serve families with children birth – 5 years.

Beginning with Books! Book Drive for Young Children

Only 52.5% of children are read to daily in Iowa.  And early reading matters.  Many children from lower income households may hear as many as 30 million fewer words by age 4 than children from vocabulary rich households.  This word disadvantage impacts school readiness and can lead to reading delays.  Let’s work together to fix this!  Donate a book during our Book Drive.  Give old stories new life.  Share those treasured stories that meant so much to you or your own children.  Make a difference in the life of a needy child in our community.

Iowa City Aerohawks

Iowa City Aerohawks

The Iowa City Aerohawks are a chartered AMA club dedicated to the promotion and advancement of radio control aircrafts.  The Aerohawks are made up of approximately 80 members from all walks of life and all ages.

Annual Air Show!

Come and enjoy the fun and thrills of Radio Controlled Airplanes!  See airplanes do the limbo, cut streamers, drop candy, aerobatics, combat, stunts, and MORE!

Visit the Aerohawks website at

Safety Village

Safety Village

Safety Village is a child-size “village,” complete with buildings, streets, traffic lights, and pedal-driven cars, provides a setting where children can prepare and practice real-life situations.  Safety Village Camps are held during the summer.  For more information visit Please note: Iowa Children’s Museum Membership discount can not be applied to Safety Village registration.

Topics covered during camp include an introduction to the roles of police officers, firefighters and paramedics, recognition of safety signs, child passenger safety, pedestrian safety, appropriate use of 911, fire & burn safety, backyard/playground safety, gun safety, poison prevention, water safety, storm and tornado safety, animal safety, bicycle safety, electrical safety, and stranger safety.

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United Nations Association USA - Johnson County Chapter

United Nations Association – USA: Johnson County Chapter

The Mission of the UNA-USA is to educate and motivate toward the values and goals of the United Nations.

Celebrating the World’s Children!

A community-wide event featuring performances from several national and ethnic traditions presented by Johnson County children highlighting the cultural diversity of Johnson County and the work of UNICEF and other United Nations agencies helping children across the world.

Sunday, October 23, 2016 at 2PM

University Club, 1360 Melrose Avenue, Iowa City

Admission $10 – Children under 12 free

Please Call 319.337.7290 to reserve tickets


Visit the Aerohawks website at