Play Pack: Out of This World!


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Is your cadet ready to look to the skies, explore our universe, and discover what it means to be an astronaut?! In the Out of This World Play Pack, we provide everything your child needs for screen-free learning and fun. Our museum educators designed four space-themed activities that spark creativity and imagination. Easy-to-follow instructions provide guidance while also allowing each child to create their own space mission.


  • Train to be an Astronaut: Explore the ins and outs of a day in the life of an astronaut as you conduct experiments and complete zero-gravity tasks.
  • Star Stuff: Explore constellations and use chalk to discover the stars through the lens of artist Vincent Van Gogh.
  • To the Moon: Create your own lunar module and help astronauts safely land on earth’s natural satellitethe moon!
  • Make Your Own Flight Deck: Control your very own space mission with this DIY flight deck creation.

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For a limited time, you can receive all four activities as well as bonus content for just $40 thanks to support from GEICO Cares.

Don’t wait until the countdown hits zero! Hop aboard as we take a trip through the solar system and discover what it takes to get Out of This World!