Hands-On Learning At Home

Play Packs are all-in-one kits created by museum educators. Each Play Pack contains multiple activities and easy-to-follow instructions. We provide the tools—your child’s creativity and imagination brings it to life!

Build a roller coaster. Create a potion. Explore the depths of space. We have themes that will bring joy to kids of every interest and age level.

Play Packs are available for purchase in our Think Tank Toy Store. We no longer offer online purchases for this item.

Four themes are currently available. Explore them below!

Once Upon a Box

This story starts with YOU! In our newest Play Pack, little learners will create their very own storytelling friend. Box Buddy introduces the basics of fairy tales and fables by encouraging children to tell stories about their own lives. In this adventure, kids learn that a box isn’t just a box and their story is worth telling!

This Play Pack is designed for 3, 4, and 5-year-olds to introduce concepts related to vocabulary, sentence structure, and storytelling. Through games and activities, your child will build their language and communication skills and engage in early reading experiences. Grown-up assistance is required for this storytelling adventure.


  • Make Your Box Buddy: Create a storytelling partner by bringing your Box Buddy to life
  • Spin Your Own Tale: Gathering everyday objects can be a catalyst for storytelling
  • Tell Me About It: Practice describing things with your own mystery box
  • Storytelling 101: Explore different methods for creating stories and share them with your Box Buddy

Receive all four storytelling activities as well as bonus content for just $25 thanks to support from the GEICO Philanthropic Foundation and the Community Foundation of Johnson County.


Magical Mysteries

Welcome to The Iowa Children’s Museum Academy of Magical Mysteries! Grab your wand and cauldron (and don’t forget your magical pet!) as we learn enchanting spells, complete bewitching activities, and discover the magic all around us.

This peculiar parcel contains everything your child needs for a magical adventure, including four magic-themed activities and bonus content that explores art and science concepts. Easy-to-follow instructions and creative prompts will help the children in your life conjure up their own fun!


  • This Wand Has Chosen You: Start your magical adventure by assembling your Magic Wand and Book of Lore.
  • Pick Your Pet: Discover animals with a magical history and create one of your very own.
  • Rainbowl Revealium: This magical potion creates a swirling rainbow before your eyes!
  • Reducto Redinko: Learn this enchantment to shrink magical objects.

For a limited time, you can receive all four magical activities as well as bonus content for just $40 thanks to support from GEICO Cares. Don’t let this magical adventure disappear; keep your wand at the ready as we solve Magical Mysteries!


Crash Course in Engineering

Let’s go to dizzying heights, get lost in puzzling mazes, and build your child’s knowledge of STEM concepts! This Play Pack gets kids’ gears turning about what it means to be an engineer.

We provide everything your child needs for screen-free learning and STEM-related fun. This Play Pack has four engineering-themed activities that spark creativity while exploring the basics of physics, construction, and problem solving. Easy-to-follow instructions provide guidance while also allowing each child to be the engineers of their own fun.


  • DIY Roller Coaster: Create twists and turns in your very own marble run roller coaster!
  • Tallest Tower: Learn about structures, then use cups, blocks, and other craft supplies to build the tallest tower.
  • Engineer a Bridge: Be a civil engineer! Design and construct a bridge that bears weight.
  • Puzzling Mazes: Make and master a maze that will puzzle your friends.

For a limited time, you can receive all four activities as well as bonus content for just $40 thanks to support from GEICO Cares.


Out of This World

Is your little astronaut ready to look to the skies, explore our universe, and discover what it takes to spend a day in space? We “launched” our Play Pack program with an Out of This World theme and exploring the mysteries of the universe.

This kit has everything your child needs for a cosmic adventure. As your child completes their missions, they will learn how to communicate ideas, gain motor coordination, express themselves through art, build problem solving skills, and more!


  • Train to be an Astronaut: Explore the ins and outs of a day in the life of an astronaut as you conduct experiments and complete zero-gravity tasks.
  • Star Stuff: Explore constellations and use chalk to discover the stars through the lens of artist Vincent Van Gogh.
  • To the Moon: Create your own lunar module and help astronauts safely land on earth’s natural satellite—the moon!
  • Make Your Own Flight Deck: Control your very own space mission with this DIY flight deck creation.

For a limited time, you can receive all four activities as well as bonus content for just $40 thanks to support from GEICO Cares.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order a Play Pack?

Stop by our Think Tank gift shop to purchase a Play Pack for the children in your life! Play Packs are no longer available to purchase online.

Do I need to buy anything extra to complete the Play Pack activities?

All activity materials are provided in the Play Pack box. The only additional item you may need is a scissors for select activities.

What age range are Play Packs designed for?

Play Packs are specifically designed to be fun for a wide range of ages. Most elementary-aged children will find success with their kits. We recommend adult supervision and support for children under the age of 6. Ages 7 and up can explore independently!

Do members receive discounts on Play Packs?

No, we are not able to offer a member discount on Play Packs at this time. Click here to learn about the many other benefits that members receive.