Play Pack Resources

We hope you have enjoyed your Play Pack from The Iowa Children’s Museum! Below are additional resources that expand upon the Play Pack theme. Don’t forget to also check out our Play Pack Pals group on Facebook for even more videos, resources, and fun ways to play!

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Once Upon a Box

Spin Your Own Tale

It’s time to tell your story. Once upon a time…

Eye See ‘Em

These monsters have gobbled up trinkets and toys! Come find these eye spy monsters in our community

Tell Me About It

Kindergarten Sight Words Worksheet

Sight words are words that appear frequently in children’s texts but are difficult for them to sound out phonetically. Help your child become a more confident reader with these sight word flash cards!

Storytelling 101

Khan Academy: Introduction to Storytelling

Welcome to storytelling! Here’s an introduction to help you learn more about telling a story.

Scholastic: Storytelling with Children

When children are old enough to talk, they’re old enough to try telling a story!

Out of This World

Train to Be an Astronaut

Once you’re done exploring the ins and outs of a day in the life of an astronaut, learn more about life in space from these videos!

Make Your Own Flight Deck

How did you set up your levers, dials, and gauges? Once your flight deck is ready for take off, explore our universe with songs, stories, and an interview with astronaut Mae Jemison.

To the Moon

After you’ve completed your mission and landed on the moon, check out these videos to learn more about the 1968 Lunar Landing and hear from some of the most famous astronauts about their time in space!

Star Stuff

There’s so much more to learn and see about it in space! Let these songs inspire you to keep looking up to the skies.

Crash Course in Engineering

Tallest Tower

How tall could you build your tower? Here’s more ways to learn about tall structures.

Engineer a Bridge

Did your turtles make it across the bridge? Let’s learn more about how engineers help us get from point A to point B.

Puzzling Mazes

Once you’ve navigated the ins and outs of mazes, check out these other puzzling activities.

DIY Roller Coaster

The thrilling twists and turns of roller coasters has only just begun!

Magical Mysteries

Academy Lore

It’s storytime! Discover this magical adventure read by Alan Mandel. Is there Room on the Broom? Find out here!

Once your wand is complete you will need to practice your hand and finger dexterity to make the most of your magical wand waving. Learn some basic warm ups here!


It can be a tough decision to pick your magical pet! Watch these videos to learn a little about each animal. Which will you pick?!

The Monster Project: Check out some amazing creatures from the imaginations of kids just like you! Click here!

Join Lily in a monstrously marvelous story time.

Join Elijah Wood on a magical adventure for this story time.


Go on an adventure with George in this incredible Shrinking Storytime!

Most languages can only be written, spoken and read. Morse Code is truly magical as it can also be communicated through flashing lights, blinking eyes, tapping fingers or anything else that creates a series of starts and stops. Learn International Morse Code here!

What can you say using Morse code? Keep it brief and to the point! Try saying it with taps, flashing lights, or written in dashes and dots. Use your Candle and the spell Lumos!

Reducto Redinko – Learn the details about the Reducto Redinko process here!


There are so many potions that can be made with ingredients already in your kitchen. Grab a grown up and try these out!