About our Exhibits

The Iowa Children’s Museum features outstanding exhibits in a 28,000 square foot active learning playground for young minds! Our exhibits are rich with unique play opportunities that help kids learn about the world and build the mental, physical and social skills necessary for healthy child development.

Each dynamic exhibit aligns with one or more of the Museum’s five educational initiatives:

Arts & Culture
Healthy Kids
Financial Literacy
School Readiness

Exhibits at The Iowa Children’s Museum promote child-directed play to develop key skills including critical thinking, communication, problem solving, and collaboration. Often referred to as 21st century skills, these capabilities are highly valued in our global world that is increasingly complex.

Each of our exhibits features unique “Playing is Learning” resources developed by the Museum and the University of Iowa Delta Center. This partnership underscores the concept that when children are pretending, exploring and moving, they are also learning. Activities, signage and cards that families can collect for at-home play ensure that development-rich fun doesn’t stop when families leave the museum. Visit http://www.playingislearning.org for additional information.

At The Iowa Children’s Museum, play is respected and valued by museum staff and volunteers as a critical aspect of childhood that leads to healthy, happy adults.