City Grocery

In City Grocery where everything is child-sized (even the grocery carts), children can explore an environment that mimics the real thing.

Our shelves are filled with hundreds of food products that range from lemons to baked goods to canned soup.  Follow the food chain!  Learning how to make change is fun with the working scanners and cash registers that allow kids to tally up grocery bills and receive payment from customers using payment pads that ask kids to pay using the correct combination of dollars and coins.  Please help us restock the grocery shelves so that the next shopper can find all of the things on their grocery list!

The active process of shopping for food challenges young learners to develop and apply math skills including sorting, classifying, calculations and the use of money, as well as concepts related to health and nutrition.

Play Prompts

  • Challenge your child to pay their cash register bill by selecting the exact coins and bills on the electronic payment pad.
  • Set a budget for your child to buy groceries to make lunch.
  • Smell something good? Identify the foods in the special scent bins.
  • Don’t want to spend all of your time restocking?  Encourage your child to shop their age.  For example, if your son is 6 he can buy six items before checking out.

This exhibit initiates:

Healthy Kids
Financial Literacy