Join us for our next Grown-up’s Night on Thursday August 1st, 2019

Game of Throne’s Trivia Night

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Throughout the year, The Iowa Children’s Museum hosts events for grown-ups, too—from trivia nights at Mellow Mushroom to pop-up barre classes followed by wine tastings.

All proceeds benefit The Iowa Children’s Museum.

Have a question, a great idea for grown-ups night, or theme for trivia? Email Carri at

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Past grown-ups’ nights:

  • Throwback Thursday Trivia at Mellow Mushroom
  • The Office “World’s Best Trivia Night” at Mellow Mushroom
  • Parks and Rec Trivia at Mellow Mushroom
  • Harry Potter Trivia Night
  • Another Harry Potter Trivia Night
  • Wine Barre with Barre 3 Iowa City at The Iowa Children’s Museum
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